De Eerlijkheid by Patrice van der Linden
'De Eerlijkheid' (MYX #7, September 2006).

Patrice van der Linden, who uses the pseudonym Patlin, was born in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 1977. He started his professional comics career in 2001, with the strip 'De Zevende Verdieping' for a financial site. Patrice also worked together with 'Scribbly' artist Jean-Paul Arends on the semi-autobiographical strip 'De Eerlijkheid', in which the authors gave their harsh criticism on other comic strips.

De Eerlijkheid, by Patrice van der Linden
 'De Eerlijkheid'. Translation: "I made a comic about myself!" - "How pathetic!!" - "You're not going to draw yourself, are you?" - "Well, where were we... Ah second panel... then I say to you:  'Well, where were we?". 

'De Eerlijkheid' was published in magazine De Stripper, as well as MYX Stripmagazine. Van der Linden also contributes to Danny Valent's comic magazine Strip Act, and he draws for a basketball magazine.

De Zevende Verdieping, by Patrice van der n
Translation: - "Tony, have you seen Fred?" - "He's at the stock floor." - "Oh, then I just send him a sms. Dear Fred, your mother called to ask you how late you're coming for dinner and if you like sprouts, greetings, Ed." 

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