Mr D. van Kwikschoten, by Rupert van der Linden
Mr D. van Kwikschoten

Rupert van der Linden was born in The Hague, where he also studied to become a drawing teacher. He started his career working for the N.O.F. (Nederlandse Onderwijs Film), where he made films for the dutch government and educational system. He later worked as an animator for the Anglo-Dutch Group.

from Ratio Strip, by Rupert van der Linden
contribution to the comics issue of Ratio magazine (1964)

In addition, he made illustrations for magazines, newspapers and books. As an illustrator, Van der Linden is known for his drawings of bar scenes and for his chess drawings. Van der Linden has drawn one comic, called 'Mr. D. van Kwikschoten'. This comic, an ironic view on the Dutch film scene of the time, was written by Jan Blokker and published in Algemeen Handelsblad in the 1960s.

Portrait of Donner, by Rupert van der Linden

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