Gorillakronieken 1 - Apen in Antwerpen
'Gorillakronieken 1 - Apen in Antwerpen'.

Bernard Linssen is a Belgian comics artist, best remembered for the adult comic books 'Chroniques Gorilles' (1990-1991), an action-packed series about anthropomorphic apes. 

Early life and career
Bernard Linssen was born in 1956 in Schaerbeek. During the second half of the 1970s he worked in the studio of Édouard Aidans, alongside Magda Seron. Under the joint pen name Cary, Linssen and Seron made the caveman comic 'Les Aventures de Tumak' for the newspaper Vers l'Avenir in 1977. Linssen presented his work to Jean Van Hamme in the early 1980s. This resulted in two short stories published in Tintin magazine and Super Tintin: 'Frère cerf' (script by Van Hamme, 1980) and 'Le Paradis Terrestre' (script by Crisse, 1981).

Chroniques Gorilles
Linssen later drew the rather obscure comic book series 'Chroniques Gorilles' ('Gorillakronieken'), which was scripted by  Jean-Claude Smit-Le-Bénédicte. The series is set in an anthropomorphic world were all characters are apes. Drawn in a realistic style, the stories are very action-packed. A rather surreal moment in the first story has the apes flee into the Antwerp Zoo, where nevertheless real non-anthropomorphic animals reside too. Two books were published by Himalaya (Loempia) in both French and Dutch language: 'La loi des séries' ('Apen in Antwerpen', 1990) and 'Les ombres du président' ('De gorilla’s van de president', 1991). Further whereabouts of Bernard Linssen are unknown. 

Broeder Hert (Kuifje #2, 1980)
'Broeder Hert' (Kuifje #2, 1980).

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