Caveman Capers, by Dick Loederer

Richard A. Loederer was born in Austria. He studied at the Reinmann Schule in Berlin, and at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. In the USA, he worked in advertising in the 1920s, and as a book writer in the 1930s ('Ozark Mountain Folk', 'Vood Fire in Haiti'). Loederer worked as an animation art director for the Amedee J. Van Beuren studios and at RKO. He was also present in the National/DC comic books of the mid-1930s, illustrating features like 'Brad Hardy', 'Bubby and Beezil', 'Caveman Capers', 'Jumpy and Bunny', 'Midshipman Dewey' and 'Weird Asia'. He additionally worked as an editor.

Bubby and Beezil, by Dick Loederer
Bubby and Beezil

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