Zwartepinken, by Arle (1966)

Leo Loedts studied at the Academy of Leuven. He became the assistant of Arthur Berckmans (Berck) in 1965. He cooperated on the inking, coloring and backgrounds of among others 'Strapontin' in Tintin. Under the collective pseudonym Studio Arle (Arthur & Leo), they did covers, illustrations and comics for the magazines of the publisher Altoria in Averbode. They started out with 'Wim en Eric: De Verdwenen Sloep' in Zonneland in 1965. This was followed by the adventure series 'De Zwartepinken' with text by Maurice Renders, which ran from 1965 to 1972.

De Zwartepinken, by Arle

Loedts was also present in Zonnekind, where he illustrated 'De Vliegende Schildpad' with a script by R. Staelens from 1965. The same year, he started the gag strip 'De Familie Nopjes' in cooperation with his brother Jos Loedts in 't Kapoentje. Leo Loedts has also worked as the assistant of Jef Nys ('Jommeke') and Jean-Pol ('De Lustige Kapoentjes', 'Piet Fluwijn en Bolleke'). He left the comics field somewhere in the 1970s, and began working as an advertising artist.

Zwartepinken, by Arle (1966)

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