comic art by Jun Lofamia

Born in Manila, Jun Quintana Lofamia has lived with his family in Pasig City, in the suburbs of the metropolis for the past decades. He started working an illustrator/artist in 1967 for Liwayway Publishing, Inc., the publisher of the leading comics magazines in The Philippines. Lofamia was present in DC's mystery and ghost titles of the 1970s, including House of Mystery, The Witching Hour and Secrets of Haunted House. Lofamia, whose name was sometimes spelled as Lofomia, was additionally present in the Warren magazines Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella and The Mist, as did comic adaptations of classic novels for Pendulum Press.

Brain Food by Jun Lofamia

He was on the board of directors of SPIC (Society of Philippine Illustrators and Cartoonists) in 1986, and a regular member of the National Press Club. He was a visual concept artist of the Fox Animation Studios (Phoenix, Arizona) from 1996 to 1999. While with Fox Animation, he did among others, 'Anastacia' and 'Titan A.E.'.

comic art by Jun Lofamia

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