Witsok, by Hugo Lous

Hugo Lous drew two comics for Dutch newspaper N.R.C. during World War II. The first one, 'Het Paard Witsok' was published between 1941 and 1944. Two book collections were published, 'Witsok neemt vacantie' (1941) and 'In het land der gele baarden' (1942). Another comic by Lous, 'Het Geheim van Catspark' (1944) remained unfinished due to a paper shortage during wartime.

He was however mainly known for his work as a journalist and as PR manager for film companies like Paramount and Columbia. In this occupation, he designed hundreds of film advertisements and illustrations. He was also the author of the short story 'Lieve schipper, vaar mij over' and a novel in the English language, 'The Whites Grew Pale'. The story was bought by the British Hammer Film Productions for a film adaptation in 1960, but was apparently never made.

Witsok, by Hugo Lous

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