Barnacle Bill, by Everett E. Lowry 1904

Everett E. Lowry began his career as a newspaper strip artist in the beginning of the twentieth century. He created the comic 'Peg Leg Pete' for The Philadelphia Inquirer' in 1903, and a year later the title was changed to 'Barnacle Bill'. The McClure Syndicate, for which Lowry worked, renamed it 'Poor Ol' Robinson Crusoe' in 1909, after which it ran until 1911 - at first drawn by Lowry, later taken over by an unknown artist. The cast of the strip is always the same: the crew of a ship, composed by Barnacle Bill, Bunk, Captain Peg Leg Pete, Ol1 Walrus, a parrot, a monkey named Davy Jones, etc. The name "Barnacle Bill" was inspired by "Binnacle Jim", the leading character of an old series of English sea ballads, many of them particularly bawdy.

Other titles by Everett Lowry are: 'Pete the Monkey' (1903), 'Man with an Elephant' (1905), 'Bub, He's Always To Blame' (1906), 'Professor Fakem' (1907), 'And His Name Is Mister Bones' (1914) and 'Hippo and the Monks' (1904).

Barnacle Bill, by Everett E. Lowry 1904

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