Archie, by Harry Lucey
Archie - Power Play

Harry P. Lucey was a classic artist for MLJ (Archie) Comics. Born in 1913, he graduated from Pratt University in 1935 as an illustrator. He worked with Bob Montana in a studio on Union Square (New York) in the early 1940s prior to their induction into the army. Lucey and Montana graphically created the characters in the 'Archie' comic series. Lucey also designed among others 'Madam Satan' in Pep Comics #15 in 1941, and named the character Betty after his sister-in-law.

During World War II, Lucey and Montana worked as photo interpreters and map makers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When he was discharged from the army in St. Louis, Missouri, he began doing magazine and other types of illustration for Ralston Purina and Burts, Bakers, and Chandler's Shoes. He eventually moved back to New York with his family, and was re-employed by Archie Comics Publications in 1949. Lucey was one of the regular 'Archie' comic book artists from the 1950s to the 1970s. He has also drawn for Lev Gleason Publications. He died in 1984 from complications associated with prostate cancer and ALS.

Archie, by Harry Lucey

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