Les Maitres de la Galaxie, by Imius

Sébastien Lumineau, who initially signed with Imius, has collaborated with several collective projects from the early 1990s, such as 'Munster', 'Le Roi Polo' and 'Une Année Sabbatique'. He also collaborated to Chez Jérôme Comix, Le Journal de Judith et Marinette (1996-1999) and Aïe, Aïe, Aïe (1998-1999).

From Ferraille, by Sébastien Lumineau

From 2000, he appears in a variety of magazines, such as Ferraille (with 'Les Maîtres de la Galaxie') and Charlie Hebdo. As Imius, he published three 'Un Chien Dangereux' 1 and 2, and 'Le Chien de la Voisine' between 2000 and 2002. A fourth book appeared in 2005 at Les Taupes de l'Espace, 'Le Retour du Chien de la Voisine'. In 2006, he published 'Une vingtaine' at Les Requins Marteaux, under his own name.

From Ferraille, by Sébastien Lumineau

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