Skomakker Bekk, by Jan Lunde

Jan Lunde was one of the first Norwegian comic artists. One of the most versatile artists of his generation, he began one of the first Norwegian comic series. 'Pappa og Pjokken' appeared in Strips of the publisher Bladkompaniet from 1917. Two years later, he started the 'Skomakker Bekk og Tvillingene Hans' series with writer Kristoffer Aamot. This series was in fact a spin-off of Rudolph Dirks' 'The Katzenjammer Kids', that already apeared in Norway under the title 'Knoll og Tott'. The comic was drawn more realistic, however. His work appeared in magazines like Eventyr i Billeder and Den Usynlige. In Blå Magasin, he created the series 'Professor Skjeel' (1924) and most notably 'Dimpen og Dumpen' (1929). Lunde handed over the 'Skomakker Bekk' series to Rolf Kluge in 1926.

Pappa og Pjokken, by Jan Lunde

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