Klas Katt, by Gunnar Lundkvist

The author and comic creator Gunnar Lundkvist was born in 1958 and published his first collection of poems in 1974, at the age of only 16. His first comics album, 'Klas Katt i Hell City' ('Klas the Cat in Hell City') was published in 1979 and is now considered a classic in Sweden. It has also caught some attention in France.

Lundkvist belonged to the core group of young artists that shaped the magazine Galago when it started in 1980. The world of Lundkvist's comics is consistently black. The main character of his 'Klas Katt' stories is a depressed and constantly unemployed cat who lives in a town dominated by insensitive pigs and dogs. One of Klas the Cat's few friends, the untypical dog Olle Ångest (Olle Anxious), later got his own stories and strips. Another important character is Ulla Migrän (Ulla Migraine) whom Klas met at the welfare office.

In more recent years, Lundkvist has made a number of popular children's books in cooperation with the picture book artist Anna Höglund. The main characters of these books are a reclusive Mole and an extrovert Hedgehog who form an unlikely relationship. Gunnar Lundkvist lives and works in countryside Flen south of Stockholm. He has received a number of prestigious prizes for his work in Sweden.

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