Rose écarlate 12. Tu m'as ouvert les yeux
Rose écarlate 12 - Tu m'as ouvert les yeux

Patricia Lyfoung was born in Villeneuve la Garenne in the Hauts-de-Seine region into a family of Hmong origins in 1977. She studied animation at the Gobelins School of Visual Communication in Paris. She spent a few years working in the animation industry, but eventually turned to creating comics. Among her animation credits are storyboards for series like 'Totally Spies!' (2001-2014) and 'Martin Mystère' (2003-2006) at Marathon Animation, the latter based on Alfredo Castelli's comic strip of the same name.. Although her main influences are mangaka like Rumiko Takahashi and Misturu Adachi, she has also studied the work of Franco-Belgian storytellers like Marini, Yslaire and Gibrat. Other inspirations are cinema and impressionist painters like Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.

Her passion for costume dramas and romance is evident in her main series, 'La Rose Écarlate', which is published in Delcourt's Conquistador collection since 2005. Science fiction comic artist Philippe Ogaki helped her with perfecting her artwork, and also provides the coloring of the series. The third album of the series won the Grand Reader's Prize from Le Journal de Mickey in 2007. Sarah Cohen-Scali (Sarah K.) has written two novels based on the comic series for Hachette Jeunesse in 2009. A spin-off comic series called 'La Rose Écarlate - Missions' was launched in 2013, with scripts by Lyfoung and artwork by Mister Choco Man and Jenny.

In a more manga style, Lyfoung was additionally present in the quarterly magazine Coyote Mag in 2005 with 'Strike', a comic story about a cross-dressing girl who wants to become a basketball player. She also wrote the script for 'Comme ton ombre', a romantic comedy drawn by Manboou for Soleil in 2010. Her fairy tale series about a young prince's adventures as a cook in Paris, called 'Un prince à croquer', was started in 2012.

Un Prince à croquer by Patricia Lyfoung
Un Prince à Croquer 3 - Entremets

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