Les Winners by Bruno Madaule
Les Winners

Bruno Madaule was born in Castres and studied Architecture in Toulouse. In 2000, he cooperated on the album 'Le Mini du Foot' for Vents d'Ouest. He won the Belgian BEDEBU comics contest and was nominated for the exposition of Young Talents at the Angoulême festival of 2001. In that same year, he started the series 'Les Zinzinventeurs' with scripts by Sylvia Douyé and Jacky Goupil. Five books were published by Casterman until 2005. Madaule subsequently created '35 Heures et Compagnie' at Jungle and published the gag strips 'Eglantine et Diégo' and 'Les Givrés!' in Spirou.

Eglantine et Diégo by Bruno Madaule
Eglantine et Diégo (Spirou, 2008)

In 2006, he also wrote two comic books about Jackie Chan for Jungle, for which the artwork was done by Studio Harchy. With writer Laurent Panetier, he made the series 'Les Blagues Suisses' for Delcourt's Humour de Rire collection (2007-09), as well as the humor comic 'Les Dieux en Folie' and a book about Santa Claus for Soleil (2008). On his own, he created 'Les Winners' for Bamboo (2011-12) and 'Maître Marley, avocat' for Delcourt (2013), while he worked with Christophe Amalric on the children's comic 'Helmout' for Bayard from 2014. He passed away in September 2020.

Les Blagues Suisses by Bruno Madaule
Les Blagues Suisses

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