En Massagran, by Josep Maria Madorell
En Massagran

Josep Maria Madorell i Muntané had a job in the textile industry and, at the same time, he was a comic artist. Since 1969 he worked exclusively in comics. His style joined two main influences: the Hergé school and the Catalan illustrators from the early XXth century, especially Junceda. Many of his comics were written in the Catalan language. Madorell's first comics can be tracked here and there, during the 1950s. They appeared in several magazines and supplements of newspapers, such as El Fanfarrón, A Todo Color, Parque and Suplemento Festivo Color. Later on he published in Gaceta Junior (where he did 'Bruno y Chico' in 1969) and TBO 2000 (where he did 'Balín' in 1973).

Pere Vidal, by Josep Maria Madorell (Cavall Fort #431, July 1980)
Pere Vidal (Cavall Fort #431, July 1980)

Madorell's first well-known characters, 'Jep i Fidel', appeared in Catalan magazine Cavall Fort in 1961. For this magazine, he also created 'El Jordi i la Núria' (1962), 'Els Galifardeus' (1966) and 'Tanik, El Prehistòrik' (1971, with writer Victor Mora). Madorell produced two remarkable series of long adventurous episodes: 'Pere Vidal' (1967) and 'En Massagran' (1981) The first one was written by Joaquim Carbó, who adapted his own novels. The second one was an adaptation of the novels by Josep M. Folch i Torres. 'En Massagran' was also translated in Dutch, but under the name 'Lange Wapper', an allusion to the tall Flemish folklore character Lange Wapper, with whom the title character happened to share a physical resemblance. 

En Massagran, by Josep Maria Madorell
En Massagran, by Josep Maria Madorell

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