Kurt Dunder by Frank Madsen
'Kurt Dunder in Africa' (1991).

Frank Bruun Madsen is a Danish comic artist, born in Kalundborg. While still in school, Madsen was already producing "funny animal" comics for the local press. He also made several contributions to Danish amateur fanzines. In 1982, he moved his drawing board to the Gimle Studio in Copenhagen, where he came to work with fellow comic artists Sussi Bech, Per Vadmand and others. From here, he produced his first professional comic, the 13-page 'Woody Woodpecker as Snow Clearer', starring the famous Walter Lantz cartoon creation, and published in the monthly comic book Woody Woodpecker no. 2/1985.

Starting in 1984, Frank Madsen published his own comic book, 'Fried Strips' ('Stegte Striber'). The book's three issues included his and writer Per Vadmand's epic humor series, 'The Secret of the Ice Cap' ('Indlandsisens hemmelighed'), as well as three chapters of Madsen's own superhero parody, 'The Meatball Man' ('Frikadellemanden'). Upon the death of Helge Hall in 1983, Frank Madsen took over Hall's daily strip 'Hans and Grete' ('Hans og Grete'), which he drew until 1986.

In January 1984, Madsen was contracted by the LEGO toy company's publishing division to produce a comic series based on their space theme. For the next four years Frank Madsen drew three 48-page albums and three 24-page mini-albums with the science fiction hero 'Jim Spaceborn'.

Jim Spaceborn by Frank Madsen
'Jim Spaceborn' (1986).

In 1988, Frank Madsen started to work on his own adventure series, 'Kurt Dunder', which was serialized in several magazines and newspapers, including BT. The comic is an example of quality entertainment, well-told, logical and coherent stories which can be enjoyed by both children and adults. The series is published in book format by Carlsen, and also had its own short-lived title Kurt Dunder & Kompagni in 2002-03. In April 2001, a new summer park, Sommerland Falster, was opened on the island of Falster, using Frank's characters as mascots.

Madsen is married to comic artist Sussi Bech, with whom he also makes the highly satirical strip 'Eks Libris' for the literary supplement of Weekendavisen. It gives a comical look on the Danish literary scene with its authors, publishers, reviewers and readers. A first book collection was published in September 2012.

Eks Libris by Frank Madsen
'Eks Libris', art by Sussi Bech (2012).

Besides comics, Frank has done storyboards for a lot of TV commercials and for movie projects like 'Help, I'm a Fish'. Frank Madsen is one of the most talented and versatile Danish comic creators. He works with Tardi expressionism, the "clear line" style, funny animals à la Barks and superhero action. Since 2009 Madsen has written children's books with his own characters like 'Søren tror ikke på bøhmænd' and 'Snus Mus', with illustrations by Bech.

He has also initiated the organization of the Danish comic creators into an association since 1988: "Danske Tegneserieskabere" (Danish Comic Artists). In 1996, Frank Madsen was the first comic artist in Denmark to publish his comic on the World Wide Web, putting up Kurt Dunder’s Living Room as a highly interactive site.

Kurt Dunder and the Nano-bots by Frank Madsen
'Kurt Dunder and the Nano-bots' (2002).

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