comic art by Joe Madureiro

At the early age of sixteen, Joe Madureira began his dream of pursuing a career in comics. A student at the High School of Arts and Design in Manhattan, Madureira received an internship job working at Marvel Comics part-time. During his internship, he met associate editor Mark Powers, who introduced him to editor Terry Kavangah. Kavangah was impressed enough with Madureira to assign him an eight-page 'Northstar' story, which ran in Marvel Comics Presents #92. The first Madureira story to see print was the second story he drew, a 'Mojo' tale in #89.

By the time he turned seventeen, high school senior Madureira was a working comic professional. He did 'Excalibur' #58 and #71 and the cover to Marvel's 'Excalibur vs. the X-Men', and then was assigned to pencil the first 'Deadpool' mini-series in 1993. Madureira's work on 'Deadpool' caught the eye of Image Comics co-founder Erik Larsen, who offered him 'Vanguard' #3, which he accepted. He then was hired by Bob Harras to work on 'Uncanny X-men', which he did for almost three years, before he left to work on his own project, 'Battle Chasers'. This series uses the best elements of both pure fantasy and cutting-edge science fiction and is unlike any American comic produced so far.

Battle Chasers, by by Joe Madureira

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