TNT, by Nicolas Mahler

Nicolas Mahler was born in Vienna in 1969. He has published in Die Presse and Der Standard. He also illustrates schoolbooks. He self-publishes several of his own works, as well as the work of Heinz Wolf. He is the creator of the comic strip 'Flaschko, der Mann in der Heizdecke'.

Flaschko, by Nicolas Mahler

He also created 'D├ęsir' and 'Le Labyrinthe de Kratochvil' (published in Canada), 'Lone Racer, Lame Ryder', 'TNT', 'Emmanuelle's Last Flight' and 'Kratochvil' (published in France). His work has also appeared in Strapazin, Kromix and Wimmersuse.

comic from Strapazin, by Nicolas Mahler

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