comic for Sex Humor by Maitena
A comic for Sex Humor.

Maitena Burundarena was born in Buenos Aires. A self-taught artist, she drew erotic comics for European and Argentinian magazines like Makoki, Sex Humor, Fierro, Humor and Cerdos&Peces in the 1980s. For Fierro, she made among others the sexually violent 'Barrio Chino' with Juan Martini. She worked as an illustrator for Argentinian newspapers and magazines. She created her first comic, 'Flo', for the newspaper Tiempo Argentino. These strips were collected in the book 'Y en este Rincon: Las Mujeres'.

Barrio Chino, by Maitena
Barrio Chino

In 1993, she began a weekly comic in the female's magazine Para Ti: 'Mujeres Alteradas' ('Women on the Edge'). This comic is now published in magazines and newspapers all over the world. Between 1998 and 2003 she drew the daily cartoon 'Superadas' ('Striving Women') in La Nacion. This cartoon was later featured in a great variety of other publications. In 2003, she took on a new feature for La Nacion, called 'Dangerous Curves'. She lives part time in Argentina and part time in Uruguay.

He additionally made a graphic contribution to the anti-racism collective comic book 'Rire Contre Le Racisme' (Jungle!, 2006).

Women on the Edge, by Maitena

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