Béatrice l'Aubergiste

Marco Ménard, who signs with Makoello, took part in several drawing contests during his childhood. His interest in comics increased when he met his science teacher M. Viskasislas, a big comics fan himself. He joined the army in 1976, and stayed there for three years. Back in civil life in 1979, he started making caricatures for regional weeklies and doing advertising assignments, while drawing his first comics in his spare time. He joined the magazine Safarir in 1991, where he created 'Pete Kevlar' with Jean-Louis Roy. Makoello founded his own publishing house in 1994, and self published the first album of 'Pete Kevlar'. In 1995, he became a regular contributor to the new magazine Pignouf with the series 'Béatrice l'Aubergiste' with texts by Richard Houde. From 1998, he has also been active in animation as a layout man and storyboard artist.

Pete Kevlar, by Makoello

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