Mathias, by Giancarlo Malagutti

Giancarlo Malagutti began creating stories for the monthly comic Horror in 1973. He has worked on various publications for Ediperiodici and Edifumetto, and for Intrepido and Il Monello of Universo publishers. He has written and inked a number of episodes for Astorinas monthly magazine Diabolik. For If he created the cartoon versions of the Japanese T.V. series 'Princess Knight and Tiger Man'. He wrote scripts for 'Lupo Alberto' and 'Cattivik' for Acme and 'Martin Mystère' for Sergio Bonelli Editore. He also created the characters 'Adam' (drawn by Manlio Truscia), a 1950s cartoonist accused of communism who escapes to Latin America, and 'Chris Carella' (drawn by Sergio Zaniboni), a young woman living alone in a large modern anonymous city which provides the stage for all kinds of adventures.

Marilyn, by Giancarlo Malagutti

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