Mandala, by Man

Mansur Daman learned to draw from a painter while in junior high school. He finished senior high school in 1964 and worked freelance as a novel cover illustrator at Rose Publication in Jakarta. There he met several senior comic artists like Jan Mintaraga. His first comic was 'Istana Hantu' ('Ghost Castle'). His first martial art comic was 'Mentjari djedjak Setan Tjulik' ('Tracking the Devil Kidnapper').

Kologonggo, by Man

One of his very popular works was the 'Mandala' series (published in Sequen), which also made its way to movies and then a TV series. Man also created designs for entertainment parks. In recent years, his work has been published by Image comics in 'New World Order' #2 and #3. Some of his comic titles are 'Si Tompel', 'Golok Setan', 'Mandala Siluman Sungai Ular' and 'Braja'. More recent projects include 'Mandala 2020' and 'Bunuh Mandala', a horror/historical title and a wayang (Ramayana) title.

Kologonggo, by Man

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