Pier Cloruco de' Lambicchi, by Giovanni Manca

Giovanni Manca showed an early interest in drawing. He made his debut in the magazines La Cometa and La Bastioneide in 1906. He moved to Turin a year later, where he studied at the Accademia Albertina. He abandoned painting and focused on journalism and caricature drawing. In the following years, Manca's work appeared in numerous Italian periodicals, such as Due di Coppe, Torino Ride, Il Pasquino, Guerin Sportivo, La Donna, La Domenica dei Fanciulli, and Numero.

After World War I, Manca started writing for theater productions, which resulted in the the character of 'Pier Cloruro de' Lambicchi'. He would further exploit this character in a series of comics for Il Corriere dei Piccoli from 1930. Manca worked for this magazine from 1927 to 1952, creating several characters, such as 'Macarietto', 'Don Gradasso Sbudelloni' and 'Tamarindo'.

Manca moved to Milan in 1934, where he became director of Guerin Meschino. Giovanni continued working for numerous magazines throughout the 1920s and 1930s, signing with several pseudonyms, Cam, Victor, and KK. In 1967 he illustrated a comics adaptation of Pinocchio, written by Pier Carpi.

Pier Cloruro de Lambicchi, by Giovanni Manca (1932)

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