Devy Crock, by Umberto Manfrin (1957)

Umberto Manfrin (Manberto) began a collaboration with the publishing house Alpe in 1952. There, he drew for the magazines Cucciolo and Tiramolla for about 20 years, and he created the character 'Ullaò', as well as 'Devy Crock'. In addition, he drew for the German Kauka Verlag (Fix und Foxi) and illustrated 'Braccobaldo' ('Huckleberry Hound') for the publishing house Mondadori. In 1970, he cooperated with Mantelli and Cabella on the parody 'Napoleone' in the periodical of the same name. During the 1970s, he illustrated various stories with Hanna-Barbera characters, such as 'Braccobaldo' and 'Gli Antenati' ('Flintstones') for the agency Il Soldatino. During this period, he drew mainly stories with 'Tony Spazzola' for Corriere dei Piccoli. He was also present at Bianconi with 'Felix the Cat'. His name further appeared in Smack, La Banda, Più ('Gatto Igor', 'Gatto Isodoro'), Lanciostory ('Playsport') and Corriere degli Alleanzini ('Rob e Starry'). In the 1990s, he cooperated on the revival of the 'Tiramolla' character, as well as the Topo Gigio comic.

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