Camera Mobiliata by Maurizio Mantero
Camera Mobiliata (Comic Art #74, 1990)

Maurizio Mantero began his career in the late 1970s with contributions to Eura Editoriale. He then began an extensive collaboration with Giancarlo Berardi. Under the collective pseudonym M. M. Becami, he worked with Berardi, Renzo Calegari and Ivo Milazzo on the Asimov adaptation 'I Fondatori' in Orient Express. With Berardi, he has scripted stories with 'Julia' and 'Ken Parker', as well as several short stories in Zona X and Orient Express. As an artist, he created the comic series 'Mondo Infiniti', which appeared in installments in Comic Art and Ken Parker Magazine. He is furthermore a journalist for AS-Aviazione Sportiva and an illustrator for Editrice Nord and magazines like Aerei, Ruote Classiche, Zodiaco and International Aviator.

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