comic art by Olivier Marboeuf

Olivier Marboeuf met Yvan Alagbé in 1992. Marboeuf studied biology and mathematics and Alagbé mathematics and physics. They decided to quit their studies and devote themselves to drawing. Their first project was 'Ville Prostituée', drawn by Alagbé and written by Marboeuf. Next, they worked for the magazine Oeuil Carnivore. In 1994, they started the publishing house Amok and the magazine Le Cheval sans Tête. For this magazine, they made three comic adaptations of Büchner's play 'Woyzeck'. Yvan Alagbé and Olivier Marboeuf are prominent representatives of the French small press poetic comic. Their most important publications are 'Nègres Jaunes' by Alagbé and 'Une Ville, un Mardi' by Marboeuf.

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