Porrambo by Marco
Porrambo (Mortadelo #117, 1989)

After working for TVO, a publicatiton from Saragossa, José Luis Marco Gracia contributed to several magazines published by Ediciones B, which took over the traditional Bruguera style in the 1980s. He did series like the Rambo parody 'Porrambo', another featuring the detective 'Jarry Jarrón' and a section for magazine Guai! called 'Radio Guai! F.M'. At the end of 1986 he started contributing Tarzan's parody 'Torpón de los Monos' to weekly Garibolo. José Luis Marco used the pseudonym Epi to sign sexy comics published by Iru which were compiled with such titles as 'Las Desventuras Sexuales del Dibujante Perales', 'Páginas Pecaminosas' and 'Canal Privado'.

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