Zyg & Mea, by Marguerita

Marguerita Bornstein-Fahrer, best known by her first name, was born in Sydney, Australia in 1950. The only child of two holocaust survivors, she grew up Brazil, where she lived fromn 1954 and started her career in drawing at a very early age. In 1970, she moved back to Australia where she worked for television, in animation and studied drawing. Her work appeared in newspapers such as O Estado de S. Paulo and Journal da Tarde, as well as in several magazines. For Polish magazine Krakout she created the comic 'Zyg & Mea' She moved to the United States in 1976 and settled in New York.

Marguerita en Paris, by Marguerita (Marguerita Bornstein-Fahrer)

Marguerita en Paris, by Marguerita (Marguerita Bornstein-Fahrer)

comic art by Marguerita (Marguerita Bornstein-Fahrer)

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