Mata Hari, by Marika

Born in Barcelona, Marika started up her career doing sporadic semi-professional illustrations for the Catalan agency Selecciones Ilustradas of Josep Toutain. In the early 1970s artist Miguel Fuster introduced her to the field of romance comics, which she drew for the United Kingdom, Sweden and France.

Some three years later she started to alternate this routine work with more personal comics, which she published in her own country. Sometimes Felipe Hernández Cava provided her with scripts. She turned out series like 'Los Atentados Contra Franco' and 'Una Recuperación de la Historia del Maquis' for magazines like Gaceta Ilustrada and Reporter. In addition she contributed to Butifarra! and Troya.

comic art by Marika

During the first half of the 1980s Marika contributed to Rambla and Rampa. She serialized 'Moderna Secreta' in the latter, with scripts by Icia. After that she published some works in Tótem (second run). Her serial 'Mata Hari', which was written by Andreu Martín, began in this monthly magazine in 1990. Marika participated in the collective book 'Los Derechos de la Mujer' in 1992. During her career she also worked on illustration, advertising and animated cartoons.

comic art by Marika

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