comic art by Markus van der Graaff
"Contrary to popular opinion, he considered himself more of a
brilliant eye-hand coordinator than a humorous cartoonist"

Markus van der Graaff, who signs his comics work simply Markus, studied Dutch, Drawing, Painting & Experimental Techniques and 20th Century History. He made his comics debut in 1998, when his cartoons were published in the VPRO TV-guide. Since then, his work has appeared in several publications, such as newspaper Metro (illustrations), De Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant (weekly comic), Psychologie Magazine (cartoons) and in 'Comix 2000' (a silent strip). In 1998, he also started the comic series 'FaR oUt', in comic magazine Gr'nn.

From Comix 2000, by Markus

Article about Markus
(in dutch)

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