Ben's Bande, by Marti
'Ben's Bande'.

Spanish artist Josep Marti i Capell has drawn for various European publishers. He started out with realistic western and war stories for the pocket books of the British Fleetway and Thomson agencies. For magazine The Victor, he illustrated comics like 'Bill and Ben, The Fighting Tennis Men', 'The Whirler', 'Duke Farlow', 'Crazy Fred Kay's Railroad', 'The Seventh Mission' and many other.

Casco de Acero, by Josep Marti
'Casco de Acero' #17.

Marti was also present at Editorial Ferna, where he drew 'El Pequeño Grumete' between 1953 and 1957, as well as several western titles. He eventually took on a caricatural style, and commenced a large production for the German market. In the 1970s, he illustrated the series 'Ben's Bande' in Yps with texts by Peter Wiechmann.

The Man's Marvel by Josep Marti
'The Man's Marvel' (The Hornet).

For the Kauka Verlag, he drew the short-lived series 'Furor Teutonicus' (or 'Die Teutonen') in Primo in 1974, as well as a revamped version of 'Tom und Biber' for Kauka Gold Comic, called 'Tom Dooley'. He was also an illustrator of several stories with 'Fix und Foxi' and 'Die Pichelsteiner'.

Furor Teutonicus, by Josep Marti
'Furor Teutonicus'.

Marti drew 'Muumi' for Egmont Kustannus, albums with the elephant 'Benjamin Blümchen' and 'Bibi Blocksberg' for Xenos Verlag, and stories with 'Sumsi' and 'Pumuckl' for the publisher Dino.

BD Folies, by Josep Marti
'Blagues Coquines', AKA 'Red Ears', BD Folies.

Marti was also present at the French P&T Productions and Joker Editions with several saucy comics for the collections BD Folies and Blagues Coquines ('Rooie Oortjes', AKA 'Red Ears'). In a more realistic style, he drew the pony comics 'Ciara' for the Norwegian Olco Publications and 'Herbie' in Penny. For the Apricale Ab in Stockholm, Marti drew a humorous album about medieval monks called 'The Brothers of Apricale'. Throughout his career, he has been mainly affiliated with the Bardon Art agency in Barcelona.

Mumin, by Josep Marti (1996)
'Mumin' (1996), featuring the Moomins. 

Cover for Yps, by MartiCover for Yps, by Marti
Covers for Yps Magazine.

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