El Dios by Jose Luis Martin
'El Dios', El Jueves #125, (23 October 1979).

José Luis Martín Zabala has been a professional cartoonist since the 1970s. His first work was published in El Papus in 1976 and since then, his work has been published in several Spanish magazines and newspapers, such as Mata Ratos, El Papus, Por Favor, Titánic, Interviú, Diario 16 and La Vanguardia, but also in the USA. He is one of the founder members of El Jueves. His main contribution to this satirical weekly is the long-lasting series '¡Dios mío!' (originally called 'El Dios'), which started in 1977. The series has caused Martin to appear in court on several occasions for insulting the Catholic religion, but he was acquitted from all these charges.

Diputado Carlos Til by JL Martin
'Diputado Carlos Til' (El Jueves #1867, March 2013).

José Luis Martín was also editor of the H Dios O magazine. J. L. Martín's most famous character is 'Quico, El Progre', which appeared first in El Periódico de Catalunya in 1980 and has since been published in magazines like JAuJA. A TV series based on the strip was created between 1992 and 1995. In addition to this daily strip, Martín also contributed a daily gag panel to the Catalan newspaper for several years.

Te estás quedando calvo, quico, by José Luis Martin
'Te Estás Quedando Calvo, Quico'.

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