Et toi, by Madeleine Martin
'Et Toi, Quand Est-Ce Que Tu T'y Mets?'.

French artist Madeleine Martin, also known as Mady, has been publishing her work on her blog since 2008. Her work gained such popularity, that two collections were published under the title 'Les Madeleines de Mady' by Delcourt in 2010 and 2011. Her work is mostly about the issues that modern-day women have to deal with. With Véronique Cazot, she made two volumes of 'Et Toi, Quand Est-Ce Que Tu T'y Mets?' (Audie, 2011-12), about a woman in her thirties who has no desire to have children, while all her contemporaries do. In 2015, she started the girls' series 'Alice et Valentine' with Pa Ming Chiu at Jungle!.

Alice et Valentine by Madeleine Martin
'Alice et Valentine'.

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