The vampiress stalks the castle this night, by Felix Mas
'The Vampiress Stalks the Castle This Night' (Vampirella #21, Dec. 1972)

Born in Barcelona, Félix Mas studied art at Sant Jordi for a short time. After finishing his military service in 1957, he joined Josep Toutain's international agency Selecciones Ilustradas. After some training, his comics were frequently featured in Valentine, Marilyn, Boyfriend, Roxy, Romeo and other British magazines for girls. They kept appearing throughout the 1960s until the early 1970s. Mas did few comics for the Spanish market and most of them were also on the romantic subject matter. They mainly appeared in magazines like Rosas Blancas, Susana, Guendalina and Cielo Azul since the late 1950s.

During the 1960s he also started working for the Scandinavian market as an illustrator. He contributed his full-color illustrations to such magazines as Vecko Revyn, Hennes and Allers. He was attracted to comics once more in the 1970s, when he drew a number of short horror stories for US Warren's magazines. Such writers as Gerry Conway, Don Mc Gregor and Steve Skeates provided the scripts. Later on Félix Mas temporarily moved to Caracas and from then on he focused on his painting works.

comic art by Felix Mas
'Cilia' (Vampirella #16, Apr. 1972)

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