Stupineptidioties, by Pascal Massonnat
Stupineptidioties (Pilote 718, 1973)

Pascal Massonnat is a French painter and graphic artist. He was a contributor to the comics magazine Pilote during the 1970s. He drew the hilarious series of short stories called 'Stupineptidioties', that ran between 1971 and 1974. In 1972, he created the serial 'Le destin des Putatifs', of which a book was published in 1974. Massonnat made two short stories starring 'Les Putatifs' in 1973 and 1974. He also made several independent short stories and gags for Pilote until 1977.

He worked in the graphics field until 1994, contributing illustrations, stories and articles to the Os à Moelle Almanac, and making illustrations for children's books published by Agora, Fleurus and Rouge et Or. He was also art director on the Antenne 2 animated TV series 'Zeltron' (1979-1982). Pascal Massonnat is currently active as a painter, and has exhibited his work throughout France and abroad since 1995.

Stupineptidioties, by Pascal Massonnat

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