Oscar, by Mat
Oscar le Petit Canard (Fillette 416, 8 July 1954)

Marcel Turlin (Mat) was an orphan who was raised by his grandmother and had to work from a very young age. Mobilized during World War I, Turlin spent some time in hospitals, where he picked up drawing. His first humorous drawings were published in Carnet de la Semaine (1917-1918) and Le Pays (1919-1920). In 1921 he began a collaboration with Le Canard Enchaîné. He expanded his activities in the 1920s and 1930s, working for most of the important magazines and papers of the time, including L'Oeuvre, L'Écho des Sports, Le Journal Amusant, Le Rire, Le Pélican, Paris-Soir, Le Matin, Dimanche Illustré and several Offenstadt magazines.

Tutur et Tatave, by Mat
Tutur et Tatave

Although he had made a "comic" story in the early 1920s ('Les Joyeux Petits Lustucru'), he made his actual debut as a comic artist in 1931, when he created 'Pitchounet, fils de Marius' in Ric et Rac. This was only the first in a long line of comic series he created during the 1930s: 'Monsieur Soupolait', 'César-Napoleon', 'Rascasse', 'Laurel et Hardy', 'Les Aventures Fantastiques du Professeur Soupe', 'Monsieur Godichard', 'Les Mésaventures d'Arsène' and 'Baby Pancrace, athlète complet' appeared in numerous magazines of the Société Parisienne d'Édition (L'Intrépide, Hardi!, L'Épatant, Cri-Cri, etc.).

Boubou by Mat
Boubou Le Petit Elephant (Baby Journal # 17, 1948)

After World War II, he restarted his intensive production for several magazines, like Vaillant ('Biquet et Plouf'), Wrill ('Porcinet de Cochon de Lait', 'Les Farces de Tutur et Tatave'), Cap'Taine Sabord ('Les Formidables Exploits de Nestor le Corsaire'), Fillette ('Oscar le Petit Canard'), Junior ('Les Extraordinaires Aventures du Professeur Nénufar'), Fantasia (new stories with 'Monsieur Soupolait'), Pic et Nic ('Papa Laglobule'), Coq Hardi ('Baby Baluchon'), Le Journal des Pieds Nickelés ('Le Père Latignasse'), Baby Journal ('Boubou le Petit Éléphant'), Cricri Journal ('Bambou', 'Fanfan le Petit Ours Blanc'), Le Film Complet ('Les Aventures de Filmette') and L'Épatant ('Les Aventures préhistoriques de Tétar-Zan').

Boubou by Mat
Boubou Le Petit Elephant (Baby Journal # 17, 1948)

In the 1950s, he alternated with artists Pierre Lacroix and Jean-Claude Forest in illustrating 'Charlot', a series of comic books based on Charlie Chaplin written by Montaubert. He also worked on series like 'Bamboula', 'Bouclette' and 'Viviane' for the publishing house Rouff, and also continued his magazine work ('Tonton Miroton' in Fillette, 'Doudou, Ninette et Minou' in Jocko et Poustiquet and 'Kid Poiplum' in Ima). Until 1976, his work continued to appear in several periodicals of the S.P.E., either with reprints or with new creations like 'La Famille Mirliton', 'Pitchounet', 'Bob Roll Mops', 'Doudou Enfant Terrible', 'Le Brigadier Sagace' and 'Spa-Râ-Drâh'.

Porcinet, by Mat

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