comic art by Mats Stromberg

Mats was born with a Swedish nationality. He published mostly self-made mini-comics with titles like: Ragu, Prego, S'not for Kids, Sicko and Eyesore. He has also appeared in the Spanish comic Makoki and anthologies like: Last Gasp comix, Comix 2000, as well as the magazines Real Stuff (Fantagraphics) Buzzard (Cat-head comics), Hustler, Screw and Blab. He did the cover for Orchid (Sparkplug comics 2002), an anthology of Victorian horror stories. He participated in 'Legal Action Comics' (vol.2), which is edited and designed by Danny Hellman. Mats lives in Oakland, California and works as a sign painter and silkscreen printer.

Neworldisorder by Mats Stromberg

Orchid cover by Mats Stromberg

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