comic art by Tadashi Matsumoricomic art by Tadashi Matsumori

Tadashi Matsumori was born in the prefecture of Hiroshima. He was an assistant in the staff of Satô Masaaki, making his professional debut in 1968 with stories for adult magazines. After working on 'Hell Judgement' in 1970, he joined Studio Ship where he worked with Kazuo Koike on serials like 'Rika of Thursday', 'Fist God' and 'Katakoi Saburô'. Since the mid-1970s his comics have also been adapted for film.Other serials include 'Street Corner Story', 'Omega', 'The Man of the 18th Floor', 'Legend of Love', 'Angel', 'The Dangerous Flight', 'Invitation to Fear', 'Shinjuku 25 O'Clock', 'Last Day of the Earth', 'Bad Blood', 'Requiem of Rose', 'Smiling Angel', 'Female Case Report X', 'Romance of Evening Sun', 'Ghost Train', 'Live! Machine', 'Route Zero', 'Lady Glass' and 'South Alaskan Ocean Current'.

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