Cosmic Patrouille by Mauricet
'Cosmic Patrouille'.

Alain Mauricet got his interest in comics from his parents. He enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1980, where he learned the finer points of the comics profession from Eddy Paape. Mauricet made his debut in Spirou in 1988. He worked for this magazine for a period of nine years, creating series like 'Les Rastafioles' (with Salma, 1994-1995) and 'Cosmic Patrouille' (with Janssens, 1994-1997), the latter being a parody of superheroes like the X-Men, Spider-man and Batman.

The Crossovers, by Mauricet
'The Crossovers'.

Mauricet has also worked for American comic books. He cooperated DC's 'Adventures of Superman', drew an issue of 'Tales of Tellos' at Image Comics and did the mini-series 'The Crossovers' for CrossGen Comics. He then returned to the Franco-Belgian comic scene and began the children's horror series 'Mort de Trouille' with scripts by Virginie Vanholme at Casterman between 2000 and 2005.

Mort de Trouille, by Mauricet
'Mort de Trouille'.

Mauricet has been working for Éditions Bamboo on such humor series as 'Basket Dunk' (with Christophe Cazenove, 2005-2010), two new books of 'Cosmic Patrouille' (2008-2009), 'Les Profs' (with Erroc and Pica, 2011-2012) and 'Boulard' (with Erroc, since 2013). Besides comics, he has worked on computer games like Lemmings, Deathtrap and also some Amiga and Atari-games.

Basket Dunk by Mauricet
'Basket Dunk'.

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