Nils og Blåmann, by Ivar Mauritz-Hansen

Ivar Mauritz-Hansen was a pioneering Norwegian comic artist, best known for his series 'Nils og Blåmann'. While studying architecture in Trondheim, he created his first comic series for Tidens Tegn, among which 'Onkell Brombass', 'Detektiv Luresen', 'Råd for Uråd', 'Jumbo' and most notably, 'Professor Tanke'. At the same time, he worked as an artist for the theatre world. He left the Tidens Tegn in 1927 and became a freelancer.

Nils og Blåman by Ivar Mauritz-Hansen
Nils og Blåmann (Illustrert Familieblad #49-50, 1947)

He began illustrating advertisements, while continuing his comic 'Professor Tanke'. During his advertising days, he met writer Sigurd Winsnes (1896-1969), with whom he created the famous 'Nils og Blåmann' series in Illustrert Familieblad in 1927. From 1929, the series appeared in books. Mauritz-Hansen and Winsnes became owners of the advertising agency Høydahl-Ohme in 1930. The series ran until 1967.

Professor Tanke, by Ivar Mauritz-Hansen

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