Bad Max, by Max (Maxime Perramon)

Maxime Perramon, who signs his work with Max, is a French underground artist from the punk era. He made his debut in Pierre Ouin's graphzine Krapô Baveux, a magazine that also published Ben Radis and Liberatore at the time. Shortly afterwards, Max joined the magazine Métal Hurlant.

Maus, by Max (Perramon), 1985

Métal Hurlant's publisher Les Humanoïdes Associés published three albums by Max, starting with a collection of rejected stories, called 'Bad Max'. The other albums were 'Panzer Panic', a comic about World War II with a script by José-Louis Bocquet, and 'Spoty et la Lune Alphane'. He created his most famous character 'Bad Miloo' in Viper in 1983.

Sombres Ténèbres, by Max (Maxime Perramon)

Max had his work published in a variety of magazines, such as L'Écho des Savanes, Zoulou, Astrapi and Gradada. In the latter, he created 'Didier le Crâneur' in 1992. Max had his comics 'Fuck, Fly and Bomb' (1986) and 'Suck, Korea, Suck', both in cooperation with Pierre Ouin, (1988) published in the Collection X by Futuropolis. Max has also done illustrations for children's books, such as 'Monstrueux Monstres' and 'Récit du Récif'. In 2002, he began 'Sombres Ténèbres', a series of albums published in the collection Mimolette by L'Association.

Maus comic, by Max
Maus comic, by Max

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