'Com Tintín va arribar al nostre país' (2019).

David Maynar is a Spanish illustrator and designer, who has worked for publishers and commercial clients since 1995. He is the author of the comic book 'Com Tintín va arribar al nostre país' (2019), celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Spanish 'Tintin' translator Concepció Zendrera Tomás.

Early life and education
David Maynar Gálvez was born in 1970 in Zaragoza, Aragón. In 1994, he graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. He later took PhD courses in Interactive Graphics and Multimedia, as well as postgraduate studies in Learning with Computers at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He first spent some time as a teacher of new technologies and graphic design, before switching to children's book illustration fulltime.

Commercial artist
Since 1995, Maynar has worked on a variety of projects, from print publications to digital applications and educational projects. For commercial assignments and corporate communications, he founded the Barcelona-based creative studio Ciannetwork with graphic designer Mar Nieto in 2002. Together, they provide their clients with graphic & editorial design, brand identity, digital media and illustrations, with Maynar serving as illustrator and digital media expert. He has produced art and designs for campaigns by Unesco, Red Cross, the Fundación Oso Pardo (Brown Bear Foundation), La Caixa, Futuroescope, the Lucia Foundation (pediatrics) and the Barcelona City Council.

'Los más Grandes para los Más Pequeños': Mozart.

Anaya, Casals, Edebé, Santillana, Timun Mas, Vicens Vives and Imaginarium are among the publishing houses for which David Maynar has illustrated children's and text books. Notable is the collection 'Los más Grandes para los Más Pequeños' ("Big names for Small people) by Marià Veloy for Cossetània Ediciones, for which he has illustrated the lives of Pablo Picasso, Antonio Gaudi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and other famous artists since 2016. Among his own books are the interactive picture books 'Veo, Veo. Una tarde en el Parque' (Cian Estudio, 2015) and Un Colegio, diez patos, tres delfines y Julián en calcetines?' (Ed. Fundat-Atades, 2017). Since 2014 he coordinates the Fundat creative workshops in Aragón, together with writer/teacher Jorge Gonzalvo and illustrator David Adiego. During the trainings, the professional make illustrated books with children with disabilities.

From: 'Polvo, Niebla, Viento y Sol' (2020).

Although he is mainly active in illustration, David Maynar has also worked on a couple of comic strips. He has contributed short stories to the local publications '¡El Tebeíco del Salón!' (2019), released during the 18th Zaragoza Comic Fair, and the anthology 'Polvo, Niebla, Viento y Sol' (2020), published by the Aragonese Association of Comic Artists. In 2019 he made the biographical comic book 'Com Tintín va arribar al nostre país' ("How Tintin arrived in our country", 2019) for the Catalan association of "Tintinados" (1001. Associació Catalana de Tintinaires). The comic celebrated the 100th anniversary of Conxita Zendrera (1919-2020), the editor and translator of Hergé's 'Tintin' albums to Spanish.

In 2014, David Maynor received the Junceda Award for multimedia illustration, awarded by the Professional Illustrators Association of Catalonia. His work has been selected for various exhibitions, including the 'Paseando la Mirada' at the Palace of La Lonja de Zaragoza in 2018.

Illustration for '¿Quién se come el agujero de las rosquillas?' by Jorge Gonzalvo Díaz (Fundat).


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