Le Blog de Nicolin

Nicolas Mazière is a French author, illustrator, comedian, film maker and multimedia artist. He is owner and art director of the Marseille-based animation studios NONO-K since 2007. Mazière studied Graphic Arts at Axe Sud, and subsequently worked on several projects with Félix-Création. He asumed the pen name Nicolin upon creating the animated series 'Les Puceaux' with Renaud Chammas on the web in 2006.

He then decided to tell his life in comics format under the title 'Le Blog de Nicolin'. Éditions Bamboo eventually published comic books of 'Les Puceaux' and 'Le Blog du Petit Nicolin' in 2006 and 2008. He has furthermore made illustrations and drawings for Playboy, L'Echo des Savanes and Éditions Plon.

Nicolin attracted millions of viewers a day with his video blog 'Le Blog Vidéo de Luciano', on which he posted a daily installment in 2005 and 2006. Other film productions by Mazière are 'Les Skaaz' and 'Les Koikoikoikoikoi'. He is artistic director of a channel on Canal Satelite.


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