Back from the Dead by Bill McCail

William (Bill) McCail was born in West Hartlepool as the son of a shipyard worker. McCail initially found a job at the shipyard as well but an accident allowed him to pursue an artistic career. He became a staff illustrator for D.C. Thomson in Dundee, where he worked on the art department of The Courier, where his artist brother John had worked before him. McCail provided art for magazines like Rover, Adventure, Wizard and the women's story papers Red Letter, Weekly Welcome and Women's Companion. He was the regular artist of the 'Dixon Hawke' detective stories in Sporting Post.
By 1940, McCail headed for London to work as a freelance artist. Together with his brother John, he began an association with the publisher Gerald Swan. The brothers worked for Swan for many years, Bill writing and drawing comics like 'Back From The Dead', 'Headline Henderson', 'Old Hooky', 'Calling All Cars', 'Gentleman Jim' and 'Red Martin'. McCail additionally set up his own art agency in Dundee, called Livingstone Studios (1944), later renamed to Strathmore Studios. He specialized in drawing horses and has also exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy. Bill McCail retired in 1962.

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