Binkly and Doinkel, by Owen McCarron

Owen McCarron was a Canadian comic book artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who is best-known for the many puzzles he made with Marvel characters. Starting as an advertising director at the Halifax Herald, McCarron transitioned to war and romance comics at Charlton Comics. From there, his friend, Marvel editor Stan Lee, hired him to craft character-oriented puzzles in comics, books and newspapers. These included 'Marvel Fun Books', 'Marvel Mazes', activity books, 'Ghost Rider', and a host of 'Spider-Man' titles. In this capacity, McCarron could use much of the unused original art of the Marvel Bullpen in New York. Appreciating the rising stock value of Marvel artists and writers, he compiled a broad selection of original art and storytelling information, years before the first comic book convention in 1964.

McCarron drew an alternate cover for an early 'Amazing Spider-Man' issue which wasn't printed, but featured a cluster of villains centered around a back alley. He later acquired an alternate cover of 'Amazing Spider-Man' #10, which was also unprinted, drawn by Steve Ditko. These alternate Spider-Man covers remain with the McCarron family to this day.

He eventually became one of Canada's more successful self-publishers of promotional comics, by producing government-sponsored books which taught kids how to avoid various catastrophes, like the 'Binkly and Doinke' series from the mid 1970s. His Halifax-based company was called Comic Book World. McCarron had also done contributions to the 'Captain Canuck' series. One of Owen McCarron's last projects was an illustrated poem regarding the traumatic events of the Halifax Explosion in 1917, which killed 2,000 people, and injured 9,000 more.

Owen McCarron
Owen McCarron at 19

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