Nemo in Adventureland by Bob McCay
'Nemo In Adventureland' (Red Seal Comics #14, 10 January 1945).

Bob McCay, born Robert Winsor McCay, was the son of newspaper comic artist and animation pioneer Winsor McCay. He stood model for his father's best known character, 'Little Nemo'. He has done several attempts to follow in his father's footsteps and to revive the 'Little Nemo' strip. In 1937 he started drawing a revised version of 'Little Nemo in Slumberland' for the Harry "A" Chesler syndicate. It was accompanied by a daily strip starring 'Impie'.

In the early 1940s, McCay did some comic book art, such as inking 'Ajax the Sun Man' and 'Blackstone' for Street & Smith Comics and 'Bulletman' for Fawcett. The 'Little Nemo' strip also appeared in several comic books, with titles like 'Nemo in Adventureland' and 'Little Nemo in Dreamland'. In 1945 he formed the McCay Feature Syndicate. By 1947 he create another reboot of his father's classic strip, this time through cutting up and revising his father's original artwork. Robert McCay eventually focused on making training aids for the American Army. He passed away in 1962. 

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