Cartoon by John McCutcheon
What the money spent on one war would do if applied to peaceful purposes (1921)

John T. McCutcheon was one of the most prominent American political cartoonists or his era. He was born in South Raub, Indiana and attended Purdue University, where he graduated as a Bachelor of Science in 1899. He started his professional cartooning career with the Chicago Record in 1889, and moved over to the Chicago Tribune in 1903. He stayed with this paper until his retirement in 1946, drawing thousands of cartoons.

Injun Summer by John T. McCutcheon
Injun Summer

He sometimes used the comic format, and is especially noted for his courtroom-situated cartoons, as well as his 'Bird Center' cartoon series that is set in a small, imaginary town. From 1916 to 1979 the McCutcheon family owned Blue Lagoon Island, a cay off Nassau in the Bahamas. His brother was the writer George Barr McCutcheon, and his son Shaw also became an editorial cartoonist.

Cartoon by John McCutcheon
McCutcheon's suggestion for punishment of automobilists, which was taken over by a coroner's jury later on.

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