Badlands, by Steve McGarry

Steve McGarry is the creator of the daily cartoon strips 'Badlands', 'Pop Culture' (later known as 'Biographic'), 'KidTown' and 'Trivquiz'. Born and raised in Manchester, England, he began working as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator at age 23. His first work were romance stories for the comic book Romeo. In the 1970s, he designed record sleeves for several punk-rock bands. He was also a musician himself during the 1970s. In the 1980s however, he began to focus more on his cartooning work. He contributed to UK comics and magazines like Look-in and Tiger, and he made his newspaper debut in The Daily Star in 1981.

KidTown by Steve McGarry

In 1987, this newspaper ran his 'Diary of Rock & Pop', a year-long almanac of music milestones that was later syndicated worldwide by United Media. He began his wild west strip 'Badlands' in the short-lived paper The Post, and then for 13 years in the British tabloid The Sun. In 1989, he also began a collaboration with the soccer magazine Shoot!, drawing the weekly feature 'Ray of the Rangers', which lasted for seven years. That same year, he settled in California. He launched the feature 'Pop Culture' in the British newspaper Today in 1993, which is continued as a syndicated feature called 'Biographic' since 2005.

Trivquiz by Steve McGarry

McGarry's strips and cartoons are syndicated worldwide by both United Media and Universal Press. Most of them are still based on pop culture trivia, such as 'Biographic' and 'Trivquiz'. His children's trivia and puzzle feature 'KidTown' started as 'Kid City' in 2011. McGarry is President of the National Cartoonists Society and resides in Orange County, California.

Pop Culture, by Steve McGarry

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