from Crazy, by Bob McLeod (1980)

Bob McLeod was born in Tampa, Florida. He began working in comics in 1973. He worked for Neal Adams at the Continuity Associates Studio in the early 1970s, as one of the 'Crusty Bunker' inkers. McLeod then went to work at Marvel's production department, doing lettering corrections and art corrections. He worked, mainly as an inker, on various Marvel titles, including satire work for Marvel's Crazy Magazine (pencils and ink).

New Mutants, by Bob McLeod

McLeod did fill-ins on 'Amazing Spider-Man', 'Incredible Hulk' and 'X-Men', and in 1979, he co-created the 'New Mutants' title. He did pencil work on 'Star Wars' issues 82 to 90. McLeod also joined DC Comics, where he worked on among others 'Superman'. For the Swedish publisher Egmont, he has illustrated episodes with 'The Phantom'.

The Phantom, by Bob McLeod

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