Steelhead Sam by Denis McLoughlin
Steelhead Sam (The Victor)

Denis McLoughlin was always interested in drawing. In 1932, he attended the Bolton School of Art but left the same year to work at Ward & Copley Art Studio. Drafted in March of 1940, Denis McLoughlin served with the Royal Army. He managed to practice his art by painting a rhino insignia on the regiment's vehicles. It was for Kangaroo books in the 1940s that Denis McLoughlin produced his first comic book work. In the 1960s, McLoughlin went to work for IPC, then the largest comic publisher in the UK. He drew 'Saber' and 'Big Hit Swift' for the pages of Tiger.

Roy Carson, by Denis McLoughlin

In 1971, McLoughlin illustrated 'Fury's Family'. McLoughlin then took about two years off from comics. Although McLoughlin had been promised that he would be able to return to IPC, no stories were made available. McLoughlin was hired by D.C. Thomson in 1974. He has been working for them ever since and contributed to just about all of their adventure titles including Wizard, Victor, Crunch, Bullet and Scoop. The best regarded of McLoughlin's strips for Thomson were 'Sign of the Shark', 'The Green Lizard' and 'The Shark'.

Ajax Adventure Annual, by Denis McLoughlinThe Okay Adventure Annual, by Denis McLoughlin

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